In 1996, he started his career as a trainer, teaching young people the art of public speaking as well as training them in the art of Radio. He has held workshops and lectures in various educational establishments like IILM, Amity International, and Jesus and Mary College, Delhi. He is visiting faculty at the Meyher Bhasin Academy in Delhi.


Yuri has developed specialized capsules on Voice Training and Public Speaking, as well as a number of other life skills like Assertiveness, Self Esteem and Confidence Building, Leadership, Networking, and Conversation & Telephone Skills. He believes that learning and enhancing these Life Skills can transform any individual’s life. It is essentially the difference between a winner and a loser.


Yuri has also been training Corporate entities in the art of making sales presentations and building a winning attitude. He has also traveled into remote corners of the country and held workshops with smaller progressive companies that have realized the importance of enhancing personal communication skills amongst their staff.

The training imparted is not just for Corporate Executives and young students, Yuri has helped aspirants for Miss India and Mr India titles train for their pageants, especially in the art of tackling interviews in the one-on-one sessions and the Question Answer rounds. He was on the Femina panel for training Miss India finalists and held workshops in Mumbai to train them. He also personally trained individual contestants like Amruta Patki and Neha Misra. Amruta went on to win the Miss India Earth crown in the pageant. He writes a regular column in Models and Trends that deals with preparation for a beauty pageant
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